overnight SLEEP STUDY... anyone do this?

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I have had 3 Dr's strongly suggest I have a sleep study done at a sleep center. I finally agreed to go. I told the Dr's that my DH has a CPAP machine and I REFUSE to end up with one also. His and Hers CPAP machines, could you get ANY more unromantic????? LOL

I am VERY nervous about going. I have literally lost sleep over what to wear. I am trying to think of something "loose and comfortable" but yet I can walk in Starbucks in the early a.m. when it is over to get a MUCH needed coffee. Also.... bra or no bra???? UGH :oops:


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    I would not be able to have an all-night sleep study...I can't sleep unless I'm naked. Sleep in a bra? Oy vey...no way...can't you bring an overnight bag and change and freshen up before you leave the clinic in the morning?
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    I had a sleep study done. The doctor recommended it because I was really tired even though I got 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. I mentioned that I snore sometimes and he immediately (and strongly) suggested that I get a sleep study, just in case I had apnea.
    I just wore a light short-sleeved nightshirt and pajama pants, and a bra. I brought along an overnight bag with a change of clothes, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste.
    At the sleep center that I went to, each sleep study room was like a master bedroom, i.e., it had an attached bathroom. The room also had a TV to watch before I went to sleep. After the sleep study was over, I took a shower and changed into my day clothes so I wouldn't have to go home in my pajamas.
    Unfortunately, I have a bad back and I have a hard time sleeping on conventional beds. I sleep on a soft-side waterbed. So, I didn't sleep as well as I usually do. I felt like I had absolutely no REM at all. It turned out that I had lots of REM and slept most of the night. The diagnosis was that I have a slight case of apnea, nothing that will kill me or to worry about.
    Hope this alleviates your anxiety about the sleep study.

    Donna Jo

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