the tyra banks show

keikokkeikok BannedPosts: 585Banned Users
I saw an episode about hair makeovers this week (i think it was a rerun) and the hair stylists gave everyone straight/straighter hair! I could understand why they made the first girl straight (she had a very dry afro that was in serious need of conditioning) but curls would have looked great on the other girls

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  • curlycaramelcurlycaramel Posts: 472Registered Users
    On almost every make over show i have ever seen they all seem to straighten curly hair cause apparently naturally curly hair is so un- managable :roll:

    And when they talk about curls it is always someone with wavy or straight hair that has had it tonged curly, you hardly ever see naturally curly hair being a good thing when it comes to make overs
    Long thick curls, mix of 3b/3c

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