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Someone told me that if i mix avocado oil, almond oil, cocounut oil, olive oil together with honey and leave it on for a while it will help my hair grow? does anyone know this to be true? I cut my hair off a while ago b/c i got pregnant and didnt want to deal with my hair. big mistake! i miss my long curly red locks...and now its super short and has to grow out :(


  • curlymunchkincurlymunchkin Posts: 10Registered Users
    I haven't heard of using oils to increase hair growth- but if you have prenatal vitamins left, or another supplement with B-vitamins, this will increase hair growth. You can also find vitamins specifically for hair and nail growth, these typically contain a combination of B-vitamins. I tried this myself, and know that I saw increased growth from my hair and nails. I hope this helps!
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    water wash or Aubrey's shampoo, Aubrey's Island Naturals , ACV cold rinse (as needed), flax seed gel or Aubrey's Mandarin Magic gel, diffuse through satin bonnet

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