John Frieda Experience

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Any 3C/4A had any good experience with the John Frieda line of products. My local beauty supply store just brought it in and I would like to give it a shot but I was wondering if this product works better on fine hair. I have a full head of thick hair and i just wouldn't want to add anymore volume.

Please let me know your experiences on this line of product.


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    I am not a 3c/4a by any means (more of a 2b/3a), but the Frizz Ease Downplay was great at reducing frizz and smoothing my curls (without loosening their curliness).

    The conditioners are rubbish with cyclopentasiloxane just like many other drugstore conditioners. I hate to think what cyclopentasiloxane could do to such a fragile curl type as yours as it is a very resistant-to-removal silicone.
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