Ok, I would not be posting about this, except it has been SO LONG since my curls have looked decent! Last night I was a bit stressed, and what does a PJ do when she's stressed? I hopped in my car and hit up the nearest drug store, of course! :lol: (Hello, my name is curlyincollege and I'm a hair product-aholic) Anyway, I got Aussie Tizz no Frizz and L'oreal Tightly Wound. Rather than do the sensible thing and try them out separately, I put in Tizz no Frizz this morning and then a bit later scrunched in some Tightly Wound. Well, my hair actually looks good today! HOORAY! :-)
This site has released my inner PJ demon... :)

I'm a 2b/3a in a perpetual search for the products that will actually give me a good hair day in this brutal heat and humidity!