Does anyone use CHI products when your hair is curly?

MaryRMaryR Posts: 97Registered Users
Most of my friends with straight hair use the products by CHI. I tried the shine infusion spray and it really looked shiny on my hair. They make a gel, too. Has anyone used it other than straight styles. I know the flat iron is suppose to be great, but I want my hair curly and was thinking about buying the shine spray and gel.


  • JaxieJaxie Posts: 1,282Registered Users
    I personally don't use their products b/c I'm CG. But my mom uses the silk infusion to give her curls a smooth appearance. It really seems to work for her. Plus, it smells pretty good. I used it a couple of times and it did come out nicely, but then I had to use sulfates to get it out.

    If you are not CG though, try the products out!
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