How often would you recommend using Hot Oil treatments?

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Hey guys,

I found this great Hot Oil recipe (at the end of this post)) and my hair feels so great after doing it ,that I thought about doing it once or twice a week.

Do you think it's too rich for my hair? I got it out with one co-wash.
Can it cause damage in any way?
How often would you do it?

My hair isn't damaged or too dry .

Hot Oil Treatment*****

*4 tablespoons olive oil
*2 tablespoons honey
*2-3 drops essential oils

Put honey, oil and essential oil in a plastic bag.
Twist but don't tie.
Pour boiling water in a mug.
Add plastic bag to mug until it warms up.
Apply gently to wet hair. Don't pour it on your head, put the mixture on your hands and apply to all of your hair.
Wrap up your hair with a showercap, a towel or cling wrap.
Jump in the bath or shower.
Wait twenty minutes, then rinse and wash hair normally.


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    double post

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    Looking through some of your photos it looks like we have a somewhat similar hair type and that recipe looks completely fine. I love jojoba oil, you should try that for a hot oil treatment some time.

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    No doesn't sound too rich if it's washed out after. I'm going to try it (maybe add a tsp of condish). Thx for the recipe
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    Great recipe, thanks for posting!