Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Line

Hi fellow curlies,

Has anyone tried Marc Anthony's Strictly Curls line? I was thinking about trying it but I don't want to waste my "curl product money" on it if it's not a great line. If anyone has any feedback on the line or certain products from the line, it would be greatly appreciated!



  • mefmef Posts: 22Registered Users
    I tried the shampoo, conditioner and curly creme a while back. I didn't do anything magical for my hair. As a matter of fact, I don't think I even finished the bottles. I bought them out of desperation when my DH and I were on vacation and I forgot my hair products. The closest place I could find to get hair products was a drugstore and that was my best option. HTH!
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  • CatjwomanCatjwoman Posts: 8Registered Users
    The curl creme smelled lemon meringue pie filling. However, it dried out my hair and flaked off. Yuck!
  • forest13forest13 Posts: 27Registered Users
    I really liked Strictly curls at first but when I look back at my pre-CG photos, I'm really glad I left it. I had the most horrible frizz ad vey undefined curls. So just don't buy it !
  • laurabeth33laurabeth33 Posts: 1,443Registered Users
    No line reformulates as often as Marc Anthony! However, their poo is consistently too harsh, condish builds up quickly, and lotion works for a while and then suddenly doesn't (another sign of buildup, but clarifying doesn't fix it for some reason).

    Save your money!
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  • jlpmom23jlpmom23 Posts: 755Registered Users
    In the event that there IS someone out there that this works for, I just saw it at CVS on clearance for 75% off. I probably would have bought it had I not seen this thread earlier!!
  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,059 Administrator
    I used to like the curl cream before all the reformulations, but I gave up on it -- too confusing to figure out the current ingredients. I remember that it had a very loose hold.
  • Kurly KrissyKurly Krissy Posts: 3Registered Users
    Thanks so much, guys! I really appreciate all the feedback. I would have wasted my precious product money on these products otherwise! I mean, I saw the line in drugstores for years but never got around to trying it...glad I didn't! I normally use [buylink=]AG Re:coil[/buylink] and Paul Mitchell Sculpting I'll stick to that! Those are amazing products, by the way! I am currently finishing a tube of Back to Basics Jasmine Curl Activating Gel that I got as a gift with the jasmine shampoo and conditioner....great scent and curl definition, but the gel does not provide enough hold to last the entire day.