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So, we have discussed facial moisturizers, but about the body?

I have very dry skin, with eczema problems (haven't had a bad flare up in two years or so).

My question: How do you keep your body skin soft and supple?

Also the neck area? My neck area still has some scarring from the eczema, which I am trying to get rid of, but is slow going. This area gets irritated very easily. Even if I get too hot at night and sweat, the next morning, my neck is red and irritated and can stay that way (and spread) for awhile.
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    Oh, there's a whole slew of them out there, both natural and drugstore!
    But what I'm loving these days is extra-virgin coconut oil. Simple, heavenly-smelling, and after about a month or two of nearly daily application, my body skin is smoother, even at the ripe ol' age of 60. The extra-virgin coconut oil has somewhat of an exfoliating effect due to the presence of lauric acid in it. Plus, it's great for curly hair, so one covers two bases with one product!
    Another fave of mine is my shea butter-coconut oil concoction for a rich body butter. But there are lots of lovely body butters out there by independent manufacturers.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I have used EVCocoOil, i get dry an hour later. Shea butter is not a lot better for me. Perhaps, I need to mix the two together.

    I also have body butters, but most of them have strong fragrances and again, I get dry within an hour after using them.

    I will keep looking...
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    Aveeno, my winter staple. Oatmeal calms the skin.
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    I use Emu oil from Longview Farms - it is very soothing to the skin and I don't get the redness that I got from coconut oil (which I also loved but it didn't love my rosacea and exacerbated it)
  • ZinniaZinnia Registered Users Posts: 7,339

    Is this used on your body? How large is the bottle of emu oil and how much does it cost? Does the bottle last awhile?
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    I'm glad you posted this. I was going to, also. My legs are SO dry. I have a water softener at my home, but it isn't helping. I have done the sugar scrubs, Aveeno, & about every moisturizer I can think of. I have put baby oil in my bath but it still doesn't work. Everything is short term. The Emu oil would be way too expensive to use on the body. I hope we will find a solution to this problem.
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  • ZinniaZinnia Registered Users Posts: 7,339
    Hopefully, we will.

    Curel Ultra Healing isn't too bad, but my skin isn't soft.

    I am thinking that I need to start taking fish oil and cod liver oil again. That is the only time I had soft, supple skin. Also will start dry brushing before each bath.

    Carlson lemon flavored cod liver oil and fish oil aren't too bad.
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