Second ear piercing?

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I see the look sometimes and I'm thinking of doing it for a change.

I only have one piercing in each ear. I think I look best in gold (I have red hair) hoop earrings (small to medium size, not huge) and I like them a lot. When shopping, I'm tempted by pretty, colorful stud earrings in the casual jewelry sections, and I have cute studs that are small gold spheres. I would either wear two studs or a hoop on the first hole and a stud on the second if I decided to go through with it. Also, I would pierce my ears with a home kit like I did with my first holes.

What does everyone think of this trend?

Thanks!! :)
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    I have to admit, I love it, and have loved it for a long time. But I'm biased because I have 4 holes in each ear. :D
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    If it's a trend, it's been around an awful long time. I pierced second holes in my ears when I was in 7th grade...which would have been around 1975. Lots of people have multiple holes going all up the ear, but I've stuck with only 2 holes in each lobe. I only rarely wear earrings in the second holes anymore, but they are there in case I want to.
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    I like the look. I have three holes in each ear and have considered more. I say go for it! It really gives you lots of options and an excuse to go shopping for more earrings! :D
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    I say if you like it go for it, I also have 3 holes on each side, two on the bottom and one on the top perfect for a cute little loop. I got mine done 10 years ago. :oops:
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    I have no tattoos but even I have 2 holes in one ear and 3 in the other. :lol:

    I've always liked the look and have had mine pierced this way for over 20 years. I usually wear studs in the more upper holes and drops/hoops in the lowest hole.
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    I had second holes put in my ears a year after the first ones were done. They kept getting infected. So now I only use the first ones. The second ones are still visible but have closed up, so they're more of a scar now.

    They can look good, but it depends on the person IMO.
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    If it's a trend, it's been around an awful long time.

    That's what I was thinking, lol. Double piercings aren't a big deal, if you want them go for it. I had a triple piercing in one ear for maybe 10 years (I did the top two myself, with a sewing needle, because my parents wouldn't let me get it done. :shock: :lol: ), but eventually I stopped wearing jewelry in them and they closed up. Now I just have one in each lobe... along with a few cartilege piercings :lol: ...
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    Thanks, everyone! :D
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