Plopping Before Products

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After all this time, I decided to finally try plopping BEFORE putting in my products to see if my hair would dry faster and what kind of results I'd get. I only left my hair in the towel for maybe 10 minutes and then put in the gel and................ACK! My hair definitely dried quicker - it also dried much frizzer and with no definition. Now, I can see for myself why I should NEVER do that again. :roll:
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    I thought about doing it myself but never had the courage, thanks for being the guinea pig. 8)
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    I've been using a puddle of CK, plopping for just a short time and then adding some gel to my still wet but not so wet hair. It seems to be working fine and it is drying a bit faster....of course, its hot and sunny now so that might be why.

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