New sunsilk commerical

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OMG it is really funny. And they managed not to insult anybody.

There's these 2 girls, and they keep competively flipping their hair at each other to the point that one gets injured. then you see one of the girls in a doctor office with a neck brace and they doctor says "with great body comes great responsiblity"


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    i saw the end for that and when i saw it was sunsilk i was :shock:. the managed not to offend anybody! yaye!

    they must be checkin' out our threads about it
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    politics is like me and my buddy going hippo hunting. we shoot a hippo and it falls on us. now, instead of using our joint effort of pushing the hippo off of us, we arue for 5 1/2 years on who's idea it was in the first place to go hippo hunting.