Been CG for about two months now...what do you think?

Ok well I am a lurker most of the time but I am proud of the fact that I have gone CG...and wanted to show off my curls (don't really care if ya'll see my face anyway) :D




So what do you think???



  • hockeymomof3hockeymomof3 Posts: 2,159Registered Users
    I think they are absolutely gorgeous!! What's your routine? Congrats!
    Cowash - No Poo
    Conditioner - One Condition
    Gel - Light Defining Gel

    Looking to try Devacurl Decadence line next! Can't wait to try it.
  • MiseMise Posts: 346Registered Users
    I agree, beautiful hair!
    Please, do tell your routine.
    Think I'm 3b-ish...maybe some 3a there wavy roots....I'm just a mixed bag!:D CG since August '05
  • ringneckedprincessringneckedprincess Posts: 4Registered Users
    It is really easy and simple!

    I cowash about once a week now...use an acv rinse everytime I wash. I regularly condition about three times a week, the rest are just a water rinse to get the daily crud out. I use Suave...because it is so cheap

    When I am co washing I will sometimes add some brown that squeaky feeling you get after using it.

    After the rinse of the conditioning I use a honey rinse...makes the curls 'stay' in place...and get that shiney look it gives

    Use any gel that I happen to have and go. I love the whole non hassle of CG routine!