Severe hair breakage/ YIKES

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I have had lots of thick hair all of my 50 years. I try to keep it in great shape and use great products and my applications are gentle. It is very dry.
Yikes, got a trim today & I have nearly half of my hair has broken off at the nape of my neck!
I have always slept w/ a cotton scrunchie ponytail, but my hairdresser says that's bad and could be encouraging the breakage.

1) what can i do to prevent more breakage?
2) How do you sleep with long your long hair?3
3) Your best repairing & moisturizing treatment for your dry hair


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    I'm feel like I'm a broken record today but I would try Nioxin Smoothing Protectives shamp. and condish. If you've always slept with a scrunchy with no problems till now I would check other things. Maybe your collars are rubbing agianst your neck. Maybe you have a vitamin deficiency. try to think of every possible thing that could be causing this.
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    Thanks for your answer. I will look into that, I had a physical a few months ago, all was well.
    Stress? average, have scrunchied for 20 years.
    The hair is brittle and lifeless now too. I feel it changing daily.
    I masque it regularly to improve moisture, a 1 hour mask, no less.
    I'm fairly frantic over it.
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    perhaps change around your sleep-do a little, like scrunchie one night, the next braids etc.
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    I have better news :love1:
    I had ALSO been using a big barrel hair curler to flatten and style my curls. I have "gotten over" my curls being messy and I have embraced them and been true and loyal to the CG methods.
    I have been heat free, except a gentle cool well diffused blow dry.
    I have been shampooing once a week and conditioning the love back into it.
    I have slept in either a couple of loose pigtail braids, a single braid or a pineapple.
    I feel new moisture retention and silkiness to the ends and alover it's far less brittle and delicate feeling.
    Thank you for your responses. :love1: