Droooooopy Waves

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Hello all, I haven't been on in a long time. But lately, I have droopy, dry waves. I just look messy. I am in an incredibly dry climate and the sun and sweat are horrible. So the answer seems clear - a deep conditioning treatment! HOWEVER, I am walking a fine line between the fact that the waves are dry and the fact that they're hardly waves at all. A lot of times, a deep conditioner just weighs them down. SO, I'm wondering if anyone uses a cream styler that also enhances curl. How about [buylink=]re:coil[/buylink]? I don't think I've heard of any wavies talking about that one. HELP!

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Nature's Gate Awapuhi Volumizing Conditioner
Graham Webb Making Waves gel
jojoba or coconut oil as a DT

Hair is pretty great now that it's colder, now I'm focusing on my skin. Sniffle.