Best flat iron?

one way streetone way street Posts: 772Registered Users
What's the best flat iron you've used that's under $100.00? I really want to get a good one, but I don't know what one! I was thinking about the HAI, but apparently, it breaks easily. I don't straighten often, and my hair is healthy.
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  • JuicyTubeJuicyTube Posts: 2,369Registered Users
    I'm not a flat iron junkie, but the SOLIA is great!
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  • kcckcc Posts: 681Registered Users
    The Chi was a great investment for me. It was $100. It's still going strong after 2 years. If it ever breaks, I can trade it in for a new one.
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    I just bought the new Bedhead 1" and I love it! It got my hair straight fairly quickly (of course I still have to test it without blowdrying it straight first!). Five hours later, there is still no sign of curl and my hair doesn't look crispy!
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  • keikokkeikok Banned Posts: 585Banned Users
    Its not exactly a flat iron and im not sure if its under $100 but I hear the conair infinity hot brush is great

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  • JessyCatJessyCat Posts: 91Registered Users
    I've heard really good things about GHD, Solia, Sedu, Chi, and Andis. Personally, I use a Generic Value Product Chi iron from Sally Beauty. It's fantastic on my 3b hair. It gets my hair straight quickly, and it stays well with some thermal protection and oil for shine.

    You might check out some of the reviews on as well. :]
  • CurleeDSTCurleeDST Posts: 467Registered Users
    I love my maxiglide.
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