Anyone try Kerastase Products?

They are not easy to find in the US, but I've been intrigued. I've seen mentions of Kerastase products in three magazines I've read in the last week. Many celebs have touted their products for being the best. They are ultra expensive, but even my stylist who is very practical when it comes to products, gushes about how wonderful the whole Kerastase line is. But there are many, many products. Anyone use any? I see some products on ebay and am wondering what to buy. Lots of rich DTs are catching my eye, like Oleo Relax.
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    I really like the Kerastase Nutritive Nacre Nutri-Sculpt. Whenever I have frizz, I use a bit of that and it calms it right down! It's like a moisture-full pomade or something. That's the only thing I've tried so far, though.
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    I've been eyeballing them for about a year now, ever since reading that the curly on CSI-NY (sorry, I'm awful with names) uses them.

    They sure are expensive.

    Does anyone know why they're so special? I dimly recall looking at the ingredients and not seeing anything that justified the cost to me.

    I'm afraid to try them, because if I do, I might like them, and I can't afford that kind of hair product addiction!
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    The Kerastase is made by L'oreal.....

    For pretty equal products you can try the L'oreal Natures Therapy line...

    I had used quite a few of the Kerastase products.....and then I found the Nature's Therapy......

    Oleo Relax smells better than its equal- Unfrizz smoothing treatment......but it works the same
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    Yes, I have used kerastase especially the shampoo, conditioner and serum for curly hair. They're really nice and I always used to save it for occasions like weddings and big occasions (christmas etc). However, ever since I decided to go CG, I became more aware of the ingredients and I think most have cones and harsh detergents. At least the serum lists cyclopentasiloxane as the very first ingrediant. Now usng the CG method I'm getting lovely results so I don't see any need to go back to Kerastase.
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    Nature's Therapy is the exact same formulation as Kerastase for a much lower price (both lines are owned/created by L'Oreal).
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    My hairdresser uses kerastase's lavender cream as a finisher (it smells wonderful) but I find that it is too heavy for my fine curls (I tried reducing the amount but still left it feeling heavy). There other stuff is probably great, but the cost scares me away! :)
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    Where do you find the Nature's Therapy?
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    csb wrote:
    Where do you find the Nature's Therapy?

    There are three of them on this page ~

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    At Sally Beauty Supply. :D
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    Sorry, Liz's Loops, but the site forwarded me to another Sally's site that didn't have Nature's Therapy.
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    Oh drats. Well, I tried. I was just at Sally Beauty & they have a whole bunch of Nature's Therapy products.
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    We have a Sally's here. Are there any special products I should look at?
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    Well, I think I looked at each of their products, but I might have missed a few.

    I didn't see any strong silicones in any of them (& here I was going to give up looking at labels! :x ).

    I don't even remember their names! :oops:

    I think I'll have a look on Sally's website to see if I can recognize any of them.


    On second thought, after doing a search on /home/leaving?" class="Popup for L'Oreals and seeing how many Nature's Therapy stuff came up, it became a bit confusing! They don't give ingredients on that site, that I know of.

    Do you live close to a Sally's where you could pop in & check out the selection?
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    i love the oleo relax, but it has some xane thing in it (very long name) and dimethiconol, which I'm not sure if its CG, so Im not really using it now. Its really expensive though, and you could probably find just as good a product for alot less.