should ALL my products be CG?

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I'm not sure if I am being overly cautious or if this is a legitimate concern but, since starting CG, I've noticed almost all of my beauty products (body washes, lotions, etc.) contain sulfates and cones. Should i be making sure that I don't use these ingredients in anything? I keep worrying about putting lotion on that contains dimethicone and having my hair rub onto it. Ha am I just being paranoid or is this a real concern??


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    You're overly paranoid. Just wash your hands every time after using lotion like I do :lol:
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    I feel weird about using chemicals on my face and body now too since SLS can be so drying and, well, the thought of chemicals all over me isn't too appealing. I'm not going to splash out on fancy handsoap or anything anytime soon though... my cheapo buy one get one free one will do just fine :)
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    If you want to avoid sulfates in body and face wash, do so if you're concerned about your skin drying out. It's not going to hurt your hair. Same with lotions. Silicones are not bad for the skin b/c the skin is constantly shedding and renewing itself. They would never have a chance to build up, like they can on hair.
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    Interesting thought I used to wonder the samething and I started trying to be careful not to touch my hair after I use vaseline, lotion or whatever it is.
    So basically I end up doing my hair first and then putting on lotion or whatever after
    strickly CG.
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    For me, the -cones and sulfates don't work for my hair anyway, so I avoid them by default. Many curlies on here have found that it works best for them to use some sulfates occasionally, or less intense -cones like amodimethicone. They consider themselves modified CG, and they all have great hair! Don't get tied up in the rules if you have products and routines that work for you. Whatever works, that's what you should do! :D
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