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The school I worked for last year is considering me for a position in their affiliated daycare, in the 2s and 3s room. After my interview, they called and asked me to come in on Monday to see "how I work with the other teachers and kids." I've been planning to teach elementary school, so I am really not used to working with kids this young. What will they expect me to do while I am there on Monday? Do you think I need to prepare anything? (In the interview, they questioned me about what type of lesson plans and week long units I would do if I were hired :shock:) I am thinking about bringing in a couple of books, although I am sure they have kids books there, just to look like I am prepared. I think I'd really like this job, and I want to make a good impression. ANY advice is appreciated! :D


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    I used to work in a day care when I was in college. I worked with the 2s and 3s and also the infants. I think they just want to see if you would fit in with the other teachers and also see how you react to the kids. I would look at it as a time to interact with the kids (play and talk with them on their level, etc), talk to the teachers and ask them a few questions. It is also an opportunity for you to see what it might be like when you start working. I would just have a positive attitude and be open to learning what it's like.
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    Good luck with the interview, kaese!

    With your experience as a dedicated teacher, I'm sure you are more than qualified. :)
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    You could always ask them what types of things to prepare for. It might be different here but when I taught preschool overseas(3-6 yr olds) you'd have to do a demo before you were hired. A demo would just be a short lesson to show how you teach. You could prepare a little game for the 3 year olds maybe a game on teaching the alphabet or a counting song.

    I found these sites they might help you with ideas.
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    Here is a list of resources I'm putting together to prepare for my new job as a literacy coach in preschool centers. There are some good sources I've found for coaches, educators and parents. , password appletree

    Specific suggestions -

    #4 under Electronic Files - Reading (Essentials of Early Literacy Instruction)

    #10 in same tab (Positive Behavior Support to Support Instruction)

    Pre-K Now Virtual Classroom Tour - on my site the general reference is Web Link #10 on the home page.

    If you have more time, my advice would be to start with the website of your prospective job (if they have one). Find a few key "technical" terms they discuss there, then read more about those items. If they have a philosophy written there, think about it and figure out if you agree with it, if you can expand on it, and/or how you would exhibit those beliefs in working with children. How could you make those beliefs explicit and integral to the kids' instruction? Since you've worked there before, you have a head start on this, I think!

    I wish you the best!

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    Thanks, guys! I'm nervous because I still have no idea what to expect, but now I am at least armed with a few songs and games :lol:
    Y'all are wonderful.

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