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I recently moved and got a horrible hair cut -- from one of the stylists recommended in the salon finder section. Horror of horrors, he thinned it out! I was sick of trying to style my new frizzy halo and of spending money on new products.

So I searched for the web for alternatives to styling my hair, and I found a few great options. Go for an 1940's style hair snood -- ala Annie Potts as punk record store owner Iona in Pretty and Pink. Just search for hair snoods on-line, and you fill find traditional rayon net hair snoods for under $5 a piece.

I also found several beautiful hair covers and wraps on sites that target conservative and orthodox Jewish women who cover their head for religious/modesty reasons. My favorite is hair coverings by Devorah --she sells a different type of snood, which is basically your choice of material made into a bag, with a cord that wraps around the head and ties underneath the nape of the neck. The materials range from cotton or silk to lace. I'm going to buy a velvet one to wear as a hat this winter -- as the thickness of my curls means that winter hats -- or any hats for that matter -- never fit me. These would also be great for running errands with small curlers in....

Devorah also sells head scarves (called tichels) with similar cords as well as lace hair wraps and mantilla's. I bought a pink lace wrap trimmed with black lace for a 50s retro-look, and a brown lace tichel, just for those days that I can't bring myself to diffuse my hair for 40 minutes.....

Other sites that I liked were for pretty snoods made out of ribbons and (spelling might be wrong, but I found it using the search term tichel) for beautiful beaded knit snoods with cords to hold them in place.

I know I'll rely heavily on my new "snoods and tichels" for the 3 months it will take me to grow out this bad cut. But I like them so much, that I'll probably keep wearing them later as well.

I hope you are all having better luck with stylists than I am -- and, if you know of anyone in Michigan who can give a REAL Ouidad carve/slice cut, please let me know!


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