My baby HATES tummy time

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My child absolutely refuses to have tummy time. She absolutely hates it!! If I put her on her tummy, she will cry and wiggle and squirm until she flips onto her back. She has done this since she was a week and a half old. I have never seen a baby so young flip from her stomach to her back. :shock:

I've tried getting on the floor with her so that she can see me, but she still hates it. Is there anything I can do to make her enjoy tummy time more? And if she doesn't have tummy time, is there anything else I can do to strengthen her neck muscles?
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    Xander hated it too so I was a bad mom and didn't do it very often. Putting him on his boppy tummy side down seemed to extend tummy time by two to three minutes. That's better than nothing! Someone also gave us one of those playmats with toys that stand up that seemed to keep him entertained for a few minutes. A few moms I know used playmats filled with water and had huge success. I never got one but they look really cool. Have you tried tummy time with her laying on your chest? That has to be somewhat beneficial. Another thing that helped was getting other children down on the floor with him. His sitter's kids liked playing with him and they could keep him entertained long enough to forget about shrieking for a while.

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    Yes, Connor hates it too. He's only rolled over a few times, and that started in the past month or two. Our ped told us to give him 10-15 minutes of tummy time three times a day, even if he fusses and cries. We don't always get that much in. I think the idea is so that he'll get so frustrated and upset that he'll kick and squirm and get himself to roll over. So, it sounds like your DD is doing great! Connor, on the other hand, gets to the point where he acts like he's giving up, and just lays there on his tummy, crying despondently. :( But I think it's important for him to build his strength, so I'm going to try to be super-diligent about getting his tummy time in....

    What's funny about it is that he rolled over several times (like 5 or 10) from back to tummy when he was less than a week old! I'm sure it was accidental, but I was impressed, and I thought he'd be a super roller.

    So, long story short, I don't really have any suggestions...I'd say just keep it up, and follow DA's advice.
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    DS was the same way - I would just let him have tummy time until he seemed too tired to hold up his head.

    Do you have a mirror that you could prop up in front of her? You could also give her a modified tummy time by using a breastfeeding pillow to support her.

    Good luck!
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    A little frustration is a good thing for babies who dislike tummy time. It will cause them to push up on their hands and knees. Just put lots of fun things to look at, some of them just out of reach, and spend some time down there yourself.
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    Quentin hates it to but I'm a mean mom and make him do it anyway (well when I remember that is)


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    dd1 used to hate it too. I would let her do it for a minute in hopes that her frustration would cause her to push up, but she was really against it. Eventually I gave up, and held her often so she could practice pushing off of my shoulder. She sat up, crawled, rolled over a little later than some, but the lack of tummy time didn't hurt her.
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    Yeah, mine hated it you can't catch the little bugger! :lol:

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