Can anyone compare CJ Hibiscus & Banana vs Ojon Restora

cupcakegirl39cupcakegirl39 Registered Users Posts: 24
I am placing a curlmart order tonight and I really want to try a deep conditionng treatment and these two were recc'ed to me. The Ojon is so $$$ but sounds so good. Someone mentioned the Curl Junkie one too. Are they comparable resultswise?


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    I've only used the CJ H&B fine. It's a leave in. Ojon Restorative Hair treatment is a deep treatment. They are both excellent products but do different things. Ojon I slather on dry dirty hair overnight, then shampoo and condition in the morning. When I used CJ it was as a leavein on clean wet hair before using a styler with hold; sort of like a primer. CJ enhanced my texture and helped retain moisture. Ojon is almost 100% oil and helps moisturize and hydrate, but it has to be washed out. Ojon also has a smell that's an acquired taste for some. I love it now but when I first bought it I thought the smell would be a deal breaker for me. It's like fresh ground coffee and nicoteine (like you're smelling an unlit ciggie).
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  • cupcakegirl39cupcakegirl39 Registered Users Posts: 24
    Thank you!! I ordered both. I meant the CJ deep treatment one, not the leave in one. It got great reviews though so I went with it for $14. I hope I like it better than the Ojon because for that price I don't want to fall in love with it too much!
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    I use Ojon RHT. I love it and LOVE the smell!! :P I use it as a deep treat and as a leave-in. My hair is extremely porous and nothing I use seems to hydrate... well, that's before I started using Ojon as daily moisturizer. When I deep treat, I don't shampoo out, just rinse really well with warm water while in the shower. That gets most of it out and leaves just enough to keep my hair moist and soft. In the middle of the week after I co-wash I add a dab to my wet hair and style as usual. The oil is very heavy/concentrated so if you hair can't handle heavy oils then using it as a leave-in may not be the best for your hair.

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