Minnesota Curlies?

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Am also interested in how you take care of your curls now that the weather is in fall going into winter mode.
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    hey there! i'm a MN curly girl. doesn't look like are too many of us on here :lol: oh well. have you found any good dry cut- curly girl method salons?
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    I'm a Minnesota transplant. I say: condition, condition, condition. And run a humidifier if possible.
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    Well, it's a year after this post was first started. Anybody still here? I live in Western Wi - about an hour from the Twin Cities. This was my first summer going curly and will be my first winter. I'd love to see what you guys do with your hair during 'our' seasons!!
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    Ive been living in MN for a little over a year. The winter is harsh on curly hair. I make sure to condition and use a hooded dryer for my hot oil treatments.
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    Interested in seeing what MN curlies use on their hair for winter. Just curious!

    Also wondering how many are out there from MN using the naturally curly boards and still actively posting...

    ETA: Which Minnesota Salons that cut curly hair do you like? Oh, I live in central Minnesota.

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    I live in the Twin Ciites. This is my second winter going CG, but I feel like it's my first since I didn't fare very well the last time round...lol.

    I'm a fine-haired wavy. In summer, I was using a lot of protein, but when winter hit, I had to cut way back. However, I do still need some protein; I maybe use a protein-rich conditioner once every couple of weeks. I changed my protein conditioner to a rich protein-free one. I began using leave-in again (I had cut that out in the summer), and I switched my hard-hold gel to a medium hold one that has a watery, slimy texture (kind of like flaxseed gel).

    For refreshing, I'm still working on it. I have found that rubbing a few drops of argan oil on my dry hair at night helps retain moisture for the second day. In the a.m., I spritz my hair with some water (very fine mist so my hair doesn't frizz) a few times, letting the water soak in each time. Then I spray my hair with some diluted leave-in, or else the Acure leave-in, which is water based with aloe and glycerin. Then I mist my hair with water again. This seems to hydrate it pretty well. (In the summer, I avoided glycerin like the plague, because it made my hair poofy. But now I find I can tolerate it as long as my hair is already a little damp before applying and as long as I mist my hair afterward.)

    I have found that the Acure leave-in is keeping my hair quite hydrated, to the point where I have been able to do more frequent protein treatments.

    I don't go to any special curly hair salons. I just get my hair cut at Cole's in Eagan. But I am only a wavy and have very little actual curl, so a regular salon isn't a dealbreaker for me.
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    I'm in the twin cities. I finally found the Curl Junkie line and will never go back. I have tons of medium/medium hair that loves protein. I use the products in my signature year round just lots more in the winter than summer. I actually use everything in my signature every day. I get tons of compliments now that I use Curl Junkie and really don't have bad hair days anymore. I'm AMAZED how much product my hair likes left in during cold winter months!

    I forgot about your question regarding salons. I've gone to the Twisted Hair in Minneapolis. I was not super impressed with my Deva cut or the highlights she did. I don't think I'll go back. I tried three times and it just wasn't worth the price.
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    I'm technically a Minnesota curly...living in Missouri at the moment for school, but grew up in the twin cities and did undergrad in northern MN. I only started partial CG after I moved, but was doing it when I was home for the holidays. Believe it or not, Minnesota was so much nicer to my hair...the water is hard as crap down here, and my hair hates it. Both my curls and I miss MN a ton.

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