dry flaky skin!

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hey everyone, this is the first time i've read or posted in the makeup/skin care board!

i'm 22 and have dry skin. i use clinique 3-step type 2. however, lately, my skin has been SUPER dry and flaky (especially around my chin and mouth). i've even been washing my face less often (once a day or less) and it still gets so dry and flaky. i sometimes use st. ives apricot scrub to exfoliate (and follow up with clinique's clarifying lotion/moisturizer). today i tried using clinique's 7-day scrub before my 3-step, and turnaround cream after. NOTHING HELPS!!!!!!

any suggestions???
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    Turnaround cream will make your face drier. It ALWAYS made my skin super flaky. My mom loves it, but it was just too much for me.

    Which clenser do you use? I've switched to the creamy one and I use the soap for sensitive skin. I also use the toner for sensitive skin. It doesn't have a number, I think it just says something like "sensitve skin." You can also get something like Moisture on Line or Moisture On Call to use after the Dramatically Different.

    There's also a mask (I guess Clinique still makes it?) that's great for dry skin. It's called the Moisture Mask or something? You put it on after the Dram. Diff. and then tissue it off after five minutes or so. LOVE THIS when my skin is super dry in the winter.
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    i think the soap is extra mild or something? it's white, not that cream color of the regular soap. i had used the mild clarifying lotion before (the one without a number) but they told me that it doesn't really exfoliate and i should use the type 2 even with my dry skin. i think my sister has some moisture on-line i can use. thanks for the reply!!!
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    Mama to two wild superheroes and a curly-headed baby boy :love5:
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    I love the Mild Clarifying lotion. It gets the flakes off (for me anyway) but doesn't leave my skin tight at all. I can't believe they'd try to move you away from it. Odd. Also, if you have flakes exfoliating is only sort of helpful. The most helpful is to use things mild enough and moisturizing enough so that you don't GET flakes.

    Keep trying stuff. I know how frustrating it can be. Good luck.
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    i have the same problem as you.... i wrote a post on it too not too long ago, here it is

    Pixiecurl you said that nothing helps, well thats just it, so dont use anything. my face was really really dry and peeling and flaky but actually i've just stopped washing my face with any products. I just use a wetted wash cloth 2 times a day, and that way my face is producing its natural oils and im not washing them off, so my face is so dry anymore. I used St.Ives Apricot scrub (as i said in my post) and i bet you anything that is what is drying out your skin so bad. I believe thats what was causing my dry skin so bad. Now i only use a facial cleanser like once or twice a week not a day, I just put on a moisturizer under my makeup because of the cold weather. Hope this helps... good luck Pixie Curl
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