Witch Hazel

cluelessclueless Registered Users Posts: 27
Is witch hazel ok to use as a toner, or does the alcohol in it mean it will dry out your skin? The bottle of the one I’ve got says it contains 14% alcohol, which just seems....stupid.
Any thoughts?
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  • SpiralliSpiralli Registered Users Posts: 3,684 Curl Connoisseur
    I've been using witch hazel for years. I like it a lot. It still does act as a toner/astringent, but I find it very mild -- not very drying on my skin, which tends to be combination...
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    I loooove witch hazel for so many different things. And yes, I use it as a toner pretty often, with no bad results at all. I have combination skin, and it doesn't dry me out. I've even used witch hazel pads to wash my face while camping, and use them to refresh if I'm going out after work. :D
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  • cluelessclueless Registered Users Posts: 27
    Cool. It just seemed to me something with that much alcohol would dry your face out really badly.
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