U-turns in crib, time for bumpers to come out?

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So the little fella is starting to scoot around his crib, especially in a semi circle at night so he ends up with his head at the opposite end, usually up agains the side where the bumpers are. I have tried sleep positioners to "secure" him and to keep him from rolling but he gets out of them.

I always thought crib bumpers should come out by the them baby could step up on them. If I take them out now so he doesn't have his face in the corner, I'm concerned that he has a great chance of sticking an arm through the crib slots and hurting himself. He's just past 4 months old now, but very strong.
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    My son had some trouble with getting limbs stuck in slats when we first took bumpers out, and it was around a year or so. That said, we just moved him out of the crib at 33 months and he has never tried to climb out, so we could have left the bumpers in. It depends on the baby.

    I don't think he's close to climbing out. If he is scooting around, then he will be able to turn and move his head if the bumpers interfere with breathing. I would leave the bumpers. Lots of kids like the security of having the head wedged in a nice corner. They do make mesh bumpers, if you are really concerned.
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    I left the bumpers in the crib the whole time they were in them...about 3 years...because the bumpers provided a little bit of sound dampening. The crib I had, had straight slats, not carved, so stepping on the bumpers just squished them down and they couldn't use them to get a boost out of the crib. I really don't think smothering in the bumpers is an issue...if they're old enough to move around that much in the crib, they're old enough to get their face out of the bumpers, just check the bumper attachments periodically to make sure they're secure. I never used blankets, because I didn't want them to get tangled in loose bedding. I just zipped them into blanket sleepers instead.
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    Right now Liam doesn't have bumpers in because frankly I didn't put them in correctly the first time and then I heard all the stuff with them suffocating so I was glad I had them out...

    then he got his legs stuck and I went out a bought a new one which I still don't know how to put in... (dummy i know)

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    Chas still has his bumpers. I plan on leaving them in unless he is able to use them to get out of his crib. I can't imagine not having them because the kid flops around so much he would have a bruise on his noggin every night.

    He does like to squish up close to the bumpers...I figure he'll move away when he gets too close.
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    I left the bumpers in -I lowered the bottom of the crib instead. ;)
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