Brilliant Humectant Pomade

hrgirl314hrgirl314 Posts: 47Registered Users
I am TOTALLY loving Aveda's Humectrant Pomade. It is very hot and humid in NYC and so far my hair looks really good. i put the humectrant all through my hair comb it through with a wide tooth comb and then i scrunch some HE body envy. i have soft, shiny curls with very very very very little frizz. i only wish they sold the humectrant in a larger jar!!!


  • BurlesqueCantataBurlesqueCantata Posts: 113Registered Users
    what kind of curls do you have? and could you post the ingredients?
  • hrgirl314hrgirl314 Posts: 47Registered Users
    i am really not sure what curls i have. they for the most part loose curls -- the shorter pieces are more like banana curls.
    i don't have the jar with me but i will post tomorrow.
    but someone on these boards did mention that it was CG friendly.

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