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Well I've decided I want a change. SO i want to highlight my hair. My hair is as black as it gets but i can't figure out what color would look best. My skin is a dark tan color and I would like the highlights to look as natural as possible. Should they be thick or thinner? I have never done anything involving color in my hair so i'm really confused. Is it possible to get good results with a kit from the store or should I go to a salon? Any tips or suggestion will be really appreciated!
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    i'd go to a salon and get red highlights, they look awesome in black hair (need to be feeling a little brave though and they may require a little maintenance to keep the red in)
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    i co wash with lemon juice, and my hair lightens up with the sun naturally.
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    I just dyed my hair today. I'm always a little leery of damaging my lovely curls.. so this was a big thing.

    I used "Loreal's HiColor for Dark hair only" in "red hot" along with some other brand of black dye :roll: Normally my hair is almost black with very red undertones.

    I wanted a funky red/black 'do but I didn't want the brassy "cat vomit" color that bleach turns most dark hair.. I was psyched with how HiColor looked, I know they make a ton of blonde shades but I can only vouch for the red.

    Pardon the "a la emo myspace" nature of these pictures, the only way I've figured out so far to photograph the color is with a high flash. In person the red is a little less purple and a little more wine colored.


    More shots here: http://hs.facebook.com/album.php?aid=7513&l=d618b&id=553847236
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