hello and HELP-short version

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Hi, I put the follwing comment underneith my first very very very long topic before starting this new one.. if u want any more info just ask or look at Hello and HELP!!! the first oen.. though it may take you a while lol

Basically I had my hair cut very short(boi short) and now I am growing it. I used 2 straighten my hair and then put it into little bunches... but my fringe is too long at the moment(goign to get it cut in about an hour). Neway becuase it's too long I have been leaving it to dry curly and then straightening my fringe to the side.. or getting it wet so it goes curly and letting it dry naturally. My hair is longer at the back than the front(front down to my chin ish(bwt hald an inch less) the back goes down to the back of my neck) has anyone got any suggestions on how I should do my hair. also how do you put pictures on here?

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