Recommendations for good products NOT tested on animals?

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Sorry if this topic has already been posted, but I didn't find it exactly in a quick search.

Looking for products that aren't tested on animals narrows your choices quite a lot, and then looking among those for curly/wavy friendly products narrows them even more!

I have access to health food stores as well as a Whole Foods, and some of my local drug stores carry higher-end products as well as the standard drug store fare, so suggest away! I am in Canada, though, so there may be some things that aren't carried here.

I'm currently using Kiss My Face Whenever shampoo/conditioner, but other shampoo and especially conditioner suggestions would be great as I like to alternate, and I'd really like suggestions for gel or other styling products.



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    This has a list of companies that do or don't test on animals, although I suspect these are mostly US companies. My favorites in my bathroom right now are Kenra moisturizing conditioner, Aveda Be Curly, Joico Joiwhip mousse, and Batia&Aleeza gel (from curlmart). Jessicurl, Ouidad and Curly Hair Solutions also have popular products for curlies that aren't tested on animals.
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