Any UK Culry heads around?

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Hello everybody,

I am curious about British products.
I have met a lot of British curly women those last times and most of them have really amazing hair.
It could mean (for me) that there are 2 options:
first one: it comes from the land, it's genetic or whatever and there is nothing to do for me! :cry:
second option: you have some great products that I don't know and that I wish to learn!!!! :D

Plus: since I am located in Belgium where the weather is a bit the same as in UK, I thought that it would be interesting to know what you like or what is a "must have" for some of you.

So, may I have an idea of what are your favorite products?

Deep conditioner:
Styling gel:
Other miracle tricks:
General routine (if you have one):

From here I can order online (the easiest solution for me) or ask some lovely Brits friends to bring me some things back :wink:

I hope you will give me a lot of informations, good tips or just fav products.
Thank you in advance girls
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    Hi McCurly (sorry, didn't see your thread till now!).

    Shampoo - None

    Conditioner - Well, after advice on this site I have now got a slight condish addiction too :oops: . I vary between Avalon Organics Lemon Verbena (OKish, not very moisturising though) and Organic Kids Lavender (about the same) for washing, although I occasionally mix both with honey for conditioning as well. I also like Lush conditioners (a recent discovery!) and either go for American Cream (LOVELY smell, very moisturising), Retread (the most moisturising, a kinda weird yoghurty smell though) and Coolaulin (GREAT smell if you like coconut, but a fairly weak conditioner). I wanted to try their one for curly hair, but my mother wouldn't buy it :D ! I also use a Boots conditoner in a tub, something to do with nuts...that's very nice!

    Deep condioner - None, I just leave in normal stuff whilst in the shower.

    Leave in - None

    Styling gel - I have yet to find a HG product, Boots is great but the hold is not good, and it still leaves me quite frizzy on top. So am currently experimenting with Jessicurl RR and CC, and CHS CK. Boots seems to work well with all of them, so I'll update!

    Routine - Keeps changing, as I am experimenting! But I usually apply product to wet hair and scrunch very gently with a t-shirt, then air dry.


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