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Hi, I'm 14 and before i explain my problem I'm just goign to quickly explain what i have done to my hair. At the start of year 8. I would have been 11, I thought it would be a good idea to have my hair but, which was long (I'd probably say just below my boobs) and really wavy to a length somewhere between my shoulder and chin. Anyway once I had had it cut it wasn't really wavy anymore.. just kind of kinky which irratated me. But obviously it grew. After about a year it was past my shoulders and if i straightened it porbably just a couple of inches shorter than my hair had been naturally before I had it cut. With my hair this length I would either straighten my hair or let it dry curly(but if I brushed it then the curls would become poof) But I decided I wanted to do something else with my hair becuase I felt that my hair was boring and my parents were fed up with hearing me moan. So in November I had my hair cut boy short and almost immediatly wished that I hadn't so I began to grow my hair. When it got long enough I began straightening it and putting it into bunches, however due to the poor quality of my straighteners and natural non-straightness of my hair it didn't stay very straight. I recently got some new straighteners which have allwoed my hair to stay very straight so I had been wearing my hair both in bunches and also down with a little quif type thing. However, after findign this website I decided I would try wearing my hair curly(by leaving it wet and not brushing it etc once it began to dry cos otherwise it doesn't work-it's not properly curly.... I don't scrunch it like some of my friends it just goes curly but if i brush it it goes poofy) Some of my friends prefered it curly and others preferred it straight and I wasn't sure. At the moment i am having to wear it curly as my fringe is too long and with it curly I can keep it away from my face. But today I am getting really annoyed at how long it is takign to grow. I don't really like how it looks any of the time. i have some photos to show you and I am know that perhaps you won't see me as a true 'curly girl' but have any of you got any suggestions as to what I could do with my hair ???? please please please......
o... maybe you can't see my pics I don't know how to upload them.. hmm i will try to ass pics to my profile of something.
But anyway just to let you know my hair is still very short, while curly the front almost reaches my chin and the back almost reaches the bottom of my neck... thanks


  • lil' alexlil' alex Registered Users Posts: 10
    k i think ppl r nt replyin cos its way way way too long bt uhh i ddnt rlli thnk bwt hw long it was.
    Basically I had my hair cut very short(boi short) and now I am growing it. I used 2 straighten my hair and then put it into little bunches... but my fringe is too long at the moment(goign to get it cut in about an hour). Neway becuase it's too long I have been leaving it to dry curly and then straightening my fringe to the side.. or getting it wet so it goes curly and letting it dry naturally. My hair is longer at the back than the front(front down to my chin ish(bwt hald an inch less) the back goes down to the back of my neck) has anyone got any suggestions on how I should do my hair. also how do you put picturs on here?

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