Help with toddler curls!

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I'm in need of some help with DD's (17 months) hair. It's getting to the point of starting to get frizz and it's driving me bonkers!! Now, I just put gel and whatnot in mine and I'm good to go. But- can I do that with a 1.5 year old? What works for a toddler? Her hair NEVER gets knots in it. I'm not sure how that one works, but I have yet to get tangles.

Any shampoos, leave in conditioners, gel, spray...anything that I can use on her? Please help...I'm constantly wetting her hair to get rid of the annoying fuzzies!!



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    Can you use pure aloe vera gel on it? I use jojoba oil and 100% pure aloe vera gel (look in drug stores) on my daughter and that is how I get around resorting to hair products with unnatural chemicals. The gel gives curl definition and reduces frizzies, while the oil moisturizes the hair (my daughter's hair is really dry) and scalp.
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    I use a non-silicone gel on my curly toddler's hair ... I just cut it half and half with purified water and it works really well for her.
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    First of all, her hair is adorable! It looks just like my little girl's (she's 15 months). I usually just let hers go crazy, but for pictures or special occasions, I will put about a half a pea's worth of conditioner (I just used mine, Herbal Essence's Totally Twisted) and rinse it out. Then I comb it into place and scrunch the curls gently. It usually comes out very nicely (until she sits in her car seat and it all gets smooshed, that is!)
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