Has anyone tried........

cluelessclueless Registered Users Posts: 27
The conditioners by VO5, Garnier Fructis are they any good? Also, are Neutrogena, Loreal,Clairol,Wella and Revlon conditioners avalible in, like, Priceline or someplace like that?
Also, what does everyone think of Pantene conditioners?
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  • curl_lurvacurl_lurva Registered Users Posts: 4
    Pantene dsnt like me or my hair... and the other stuff i havnt tried
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  • cluelessclueless Registered Users Posts: 27
    I am reading some reviews on this board, in the finding products section, I've found it really good and recomend every takes a look at it cause you can find out how other people find different products and you might just find your perfect match there!
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    I tried the Garnier Fructis conditioner for dry hair and absolutely HATED it. It made my hair like straw. It took several deep conditions to get over it.

    If you're looking for a good, cheap conditioner, you could do worse than Dove for dry and damaged hair. It comes in huge bottles and does wonders for my dry, coarse, highlighted hair.
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  • babypiebabypie Registered Users Posts: 37
    i find with pantene my hair looks extra shiny for 2-3 uses, then slowly starts to turn to straw. i've since been told by a hairdresser-friend of mine that there's an ingredient in pantene (no idea what) that actually dries hair out.

    i haven't used those other brands for years as i found most of them contain tons of alcohol.
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