Rescue a Boots seeker

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I hear great comments about the famous Boots cream. I know that it is possible to order it from the Curlmart but I live in Belgium so it is very expensive because of the shipping fee :shock:

Would it be possible to order it from a UK site?
Perhaps Boots itself has a site where I could get information?

Could someone give me an address in London where it is possible to purchase it so that I could ask to a lovely friend of me to bring it back from a visit home?

Last question: it has been said that it was discontinued but some people say that it still exists under another name. Would you want to give me the new name of the Boots styling cream?

Thanks a lot for helping me girls :wink:
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  • miacurlmiacurl Registered Users Posts: 332
    It may be under another name--but a similar name.

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  • Kris KurlKris Kurl Registered Users Posts: 28
    If you want to buy something in the UK, Boots is a High St chemist shop. Every town has one (or more)! In London, just check the phone book for your nearest one, or ask the hotel people if you're in one. :)

    They sell some of their products in Etos drogist in the Netherlands - how near the border are you?

    Boots does have an online shop but the curl cream doesn't seem to be available there. :(

  • miacurlmiacurl Registered Users Posts: 332
    Someone just posted in General Discussion that the Boots cream can be had once again at few people already received theirs. :)
    2C/3A auburn hair.
    between shoulders and BSL

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