Which dryer?

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Hi There

I need to buy a new hairdryer and really need some recommendations.

I always diffuse, otherwise I have absolutely no volume. My hair is just below shoulder length (although I'm thinking of going shorter) and probably 3a

I've had my dryer for 10 year (Revlon Pro) and since buying that there seem to be new gadgets on the market e.g. ionic???

Anyway, I hope someone can help!



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    I just bought this one Friday at Sally's for 29.99. So far, I love it! It's got 3 heat settings (cool, warm, hot), 2 speed settings (high, low) and two "turbo" shots - hot and cool - that you can push and they stays on. (I don't like the ones that you have to hold down the cool shot button the whole time you use it.) It comes with one of those narrow "air direction" nozzles, which I just tossed in a drawer. I already had a revlon bowl diffuser, which fits on the end and so far hasn't fallen off!

    I don't know about the whole ionic/ceramic technologies, so I'm sure there's a better one out there, but I really like mine for the price.

    I really needed a new dryer - my last one was a conair "pistol dryer" (looks like this, but not pink!) that I got 20 years ago - and it was a hand-me-down then!! :shock: :shock: :shock:
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