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libranessentialibranessentia Registered Users Posts: 84
Does anyone here use and have good reviews about Curl Junkie. I just ordered a few things from the brand in the CurlMart on this site and I was just wondering. :P
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  • kdcreighkdcreigh Registered Users Posts: 736
    Love the [buylink=]Coffee-coco curl creme[/buylink]. Very moisturizing and absorbs well into my hair.

    I also tried the banana hibiscus honey-butta leave-in. At first I really liked it, then I realized that it flaked off if I applied even a little too much.

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  • denisemouniedenisemounie Registered Users Posts: 255
    I love the Guava and Protein curl creme... it too absorbs well!
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  • Kierra LockeKierra Locke Registered Users Posts: 45
    I love their conditioning shampoo. It's the only shampoo that doesn't dry out my hair. I'm also using their coco curl creme with good results.

    I tried their conditioners but found them too thick to distribute well. Otherwise they seemed moisturizing.
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