Odd breastfeeding question

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So, in an effort to perk up my pasty self for summer, I just got one of those body lotions that has a self-tanner. (Vaseline Healthy Body Glow) I put it on all over my body, including breasts, before it occurred to me to wonder about the safety. Should I stop using it, or at least not use it on my breasts, while I am nursing DS? I already nursed him once before I thought about it, but hopefully if he got any in his mouth, it was a miniscule amount. A quick search on Kellymom didn't turn up anything. Any thoughts?


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    When I was pregnant the info was inconclusive, so I just didn't use it. But now that it is summer I have used it here and there, and when I apply it I avoid my nipples. I asked my doctor and he said that although he doesn't know of any studies on it, he doesn't see why I couldn't use it as long as I took steps to avoid the baby consuming any, even in very small amounts.

    I could be wrong though, and wonder if anyone was told otherwise?

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    I would play it safe and not put it on my breasts. It's not like anyone is really going to see them anyway.

    My doc told me not to use self tanner while I'm pregnant, but I think it's just to be cautious, not because it's been proven to be harmful. It sucks for me, as I am the queen of self tanning, but it's just this summer. Next year I'll be bronze again :) .
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    Yeah, I think it might be best to play it safe and not self-tan the girls. (Sigh) There goes my all-over, no-tan-lines fake tan.... :wink:
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    I love my Dove Energy Glow and continued to use it, but I was just very careful not to apply it anywhere near my breasts while I was breastfeeding.
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    I've been using the Oil of Olay sunless tanning stuff. I have put it on the inside of my breast so that if I wear something v-necked or low cut...it won't be white. Otherwise, I have avoided the majority of the breast.

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