Curly Pudding advice?

I bought a very small jar or [buylink=]Miss Jessies Curly Pudding[/buylink] last weekend on impulse after seeing it at the counter while I was checking out at a beauty place. How do you use this stuff?? I am happy with my devacurl routine, I'm kinda corkicelli-ish (accing to my devachan stylist Carlos LOL). Underneath I have tighter curls and my canopy is the problem...undefined frizz, wavier than curly but some botticelli curls interspersed. I color it so it is also weighted down by that. I have to do some pincurls to get the top to match underneath and give it some definition. I use set it free with angell and that seems to be working well. I was just curious about this stuff and it was a small cheap pot of it so I figured what the heck? Any advice as to how to use it?? Should I put in on my hair wet and put my gel on top or just use it alone???


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    I'd try it alone first.
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    i had some i got in a swap and like it...

    i used it in soaking wet hair to distribute and alone.

    i also got good second day hair from it by putting a small amount in my palms, adding some water and gently scruching it in.
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    I like it over a leave-in. I don't add anything else on top.
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    I recently purchased the [buylink=]curly pudding[/buylink] and I think it works pretty well. I initially tried it alone and found that the next day my hair was a bit dry. For the last couple of days I have been using it with a product called Renutrients style cream. This mixture seems to work very well, my curls are defined without frizz. My second day hair is not dry like it was when I used the [buylink=]curly pudding[/buylink] alone.
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    the cones and waxes in your products could be causing more frizz
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