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Hi guys, been using my trial sizes of Jessicurls condishes. I had tried the whole system before, but didn't like it, it made me itch and weighed my hair down and made it greasy. I liked the condishes though, and wanted to retry them in the unscented, since I figured out that the scents made me itch. I am LOVING the condishes this time! I use the [buylink=]aloeba[/buylink] each time I wash, which is every two to three days. I use it after a protein unscented condish I use for CO. The moisture after the protein is keeping me from getting the crunchy hair I had before from the protein. I use her Too Shea occasionally, and the WDT as well. I can't use the [buylink=]ALoeba[/buylink] as a leave in though, it weighs down my hair which really surprises me since I have very thick and coarse hair. Just wanted to share!
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