Sinead O'connor?!

My boss compared my hair to Sinead O'connor...

How would you have felt and/or reacted to this? My boss is female and White.

I didn’t realize my change appeared that radical or dramatic. Is it just me or don’t I just have short hair? I don’t think I “shaved” my head, per se. Here are some pictures, so you can see. See the bottom three shots:


  • kdcreighkdcreigh Registered Users Posts: 736
    How rude. And ignorant.

    But, since we are talking about your boss, ignore her comments. I would recommend either ignoring her comments about your hair, or softly chuckling and sublty shaking your head, every time she feels the need to make one. If the comment is made in front of others, I would suggest trying to change the subject.

    Sorry. If we were talking about a co-worker I would have different advice.

    If the comments become frequent, malicious or derogatory, I would suggest having a discussion with your boss about how her comments are perceived. Hopefully it will not come to this. Good luck.

    ETA: You hair looks very nice, neat and professional. It should not warrant comment.

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  • denisemouniedenisemounie Registered Users Posts: 255
    She is really hatin' on you!! You're hair is gorgeous and like Kdcreigh said, very neat and professional.... how dare her!! :evil: :evil:

    I would document her comments (time and dates) and if her remarks continue (after you've told her that they are inappropriate), then I would report her comments to her boss.

    It's really not her business how you choose to wear your hair!
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  • SuburbanbushbabeSuburbanbushbabe Registered Users Posts: 15,402 Curl Neophyte
    She's a stupid ignorant her name Jane :D
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  • st. louis bluest. louis blue Registered Users Posts: 404
    Are you sure it was a negative comparison? I thought Sinead O'Connor was stunning with the little buzz of hair.

    Which is not to say that you look like her; you look fantastic in your pictures, which is sort of what made me think it was a positive thing she was trying to say.
  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    I should mention how she said it.

    I met her daughter for the second time, and she didn’t recognize me since my hair is different now. So the next day, my boss said, “My daughter wanted me to tell you she’s sorry she didn’t recognize you yesterday. And then my daughter also said something that I agree with, ‘Not many people can wear their hair that short and still look good.'”

    OK…she could’ve stopped there. But then the boss went on to say, “And it’s true, unless you’re Sinead O’Connor or Wynona Rider. But you have to be at that level. So it was sort of a compliment from my daughter…but…”

    After this, the office manager just looked at me in a mix of sympathy and confusion. Truth is, while I was a tad embarrassed, I was mostly confused because the statement contradicted itself more than once and the “it was sort of a compliment from my daughter…but…” ended things on an even more confusing note.

    Coupled with the fact that when I first cut my hair, she said NOTHING, nor did most of my other colleagues. However, the boss is the type to comment when she’s so inclined.
  • luvmylocsluvmylocs Registered Users Posts: 7,578 Curl Neophyte
    take away the power you've given's not even worth analyzing her thoughts or trying to figure out if she or her daughter are/were complementing you. you look GREAT!! i like your hair. your makeup is nice. you look real cute. period, end of story....
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  • CuteCoilsCuteCoils Registered Users Posts: 118
    Your hair is very pretty!

    Your boss is being a bit extreme in her comparisons though.... I could see if she's said Mia Farrow or Camille Cosby or something, they were short, but Sinead O'connor was shorn bald, military style--which, it is not the look you have...

    But, maybe she just couldn't come up with a more appropriate frame of reference. If she tries to tease you, just laugh it off and say you felt like a change, but it will grow back. The important thing is not to go off as your job is more imporatant than letting any misunderstanding with an indiscreet supervisor get your goat.

    You look lovely!
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  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    Thanks everyone for your support! I appreciate it - and the compliments too!

    Unf., she's the boss - owner and founder - and there's no one above her. Most of us get the brunt of her ill-chosen words and we just brush it off as much as possible.

    You're right about taking back the power. I've given her too much already...

    You guys rock!
  • blackhoney112blackhoney112 Registered Users Posts: 126
    Hi Kim, glad to hear you are feeling better after that comment. I think that the Sinead comparison was way off too, because your hair is not that short :? Btw your TWA is really cute and neat :)
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  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
  • curlynikkicurlynikki Registered Users Posts: 2,420 Curl Neophyte
    She's a stupid ignorant her name Jane :D


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