Foundation in the UK

meowmixmeowmix Registered Users Posts: 48
What's your favourite foundation available in the UK?
I've mainly stuck to the cheaper brands being a student..

So far I have tried:
Boots no.17 because they were cheap and quite good... Had a tendency to seperate though.
Collection 2000 sheer makeup. Worked ok til it stopped agreeing with my moisturiser. Anyone have this happen before? When the foundation just starts congealing or something?
Rimmel stay matte (I think) - The worst foundation I've ever tried. Went very oily and turned orange on me when I went outside :oops:

Recently I got a voucher for Boots No.7 so decided to try a better quality foundation. I bought the Ultimate Foundation - It's medium coverage. It looks so so natural and matches my skin tone exactly. I must say it's the best foundation I've ever tried and it doesn't fight with my moisturiser lol.


  • ScotsCurlsScotsCurls Registered Users Posts: 7
    I've been using Virgin Vie's Skin Boost foundation recently. I used to use their one step face base but found it was making my skin quite dry. I was pretty happy with the shade so I switched to the liquid formula.

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