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I hit my forehead (right above my right eyebrow) on the side of a car door on Tuesday. It hurt really bad and bled for awhile, and I still have a purpley scab. I've been trying to leave it alone to heal, but it hasn't made much progress. I have an interview on Monday, and want to cover it up, but am afraid of aggravating it. I usually don't use concealer every day, so does anyone have any recommendations for one that will be ok to use on it?

While I'm on the subject, I also have three small pimples (not for sure that's what they are) on the right side of my face. I rarely ever break out so it's odd. They won't go away, and I've tried Oxy on them. That only bothered my skin since it's sensitive and on the dry side. Any ideas on how I can get them to go away soon? Thanks!


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    toothpaste does a good job of drying out pimples - it contains camphor oil.

    if you still have a scab on the cut by the time of the interview, i'd recommend putting a skin tone bandage over it.

    if it's just a matter of hiding redness, try a skin-tone concealer - Physician's Formula has one in a wand.
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    For a purply bruise, cover with a yellow concealer. It will neutralize the purple.
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