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ShrekLoverShrekLover Registered Users Posts: 2,551 Curl Neophyte has chemical peels that you can buy that are far better than anything you can get in the department stores. I have been using the 55% Lactic Acid Peel for two weeks and am loving how my skin looks. They have lots of products, customer service is great and so are the prices.

They also sell some makeup, and many different cleansers and moisturizers. I am going to check out the MUAC TOX, that is supposed to work like botox. I should be getting a sample (hopefully), with my next order.

I found out about them from You can find reviews for almost any product or brand there.


  • Lucky06Lucky06 Registered Users Posts: 31
    I've heard about this site and have been really wanting to try that lactic acid peel!

    Is it easy to apply? Did you experience any burning, redness?
    How long before you saw results?

    I'm currently using MD Forte Lotion I and I'm pretty content as its cleared up acne and some red spots. However, the stubborn spots that have been there forever don't seem to want to go away. Just wondering if this peel would be more effective.
    2b/2c - lots of hair, very thick and wavy/curly
  • ShrekLoverShrekLover Registered Users Posts: 2,551 Curl Neophyte
    It tingles while it is on, so you definitely notice it. I saw results after the second time. Iuse it twice a week. I've used it 5 times now and can tell a real difference. I just ordered the TCA peel and will use the Lactic Acid as in "in-between" upkeep peel after I use that.

    But yes, it is very easy to use. The sample size for $20 will give you many many peels, however, you will need more PH Prep solution which is another $20 for the 8 ounce size. You get a small PH Prep along with a small bar of green tea soap with the $20 sample peel.

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