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I am a newbie and I am 6 weeks post relaxer. I am not planning to perm again. But I am having a lot shedding and my hair is very dry and brittle. I think I am a 4a, I was wondering if anyone can offer any sugestions.
And Saturday I am getting kinky twists so something I can use with and without the braids would be helpful.

There are pics of my new growth in my fotki if anyone would like to give there help on my hair type.
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    Welcome and congratulations for stepping away from the relaxer! You have come to the right place. Best way to moisturize your hair is to do frequent conditions and deep treatments.

    I'm really loving Qhemet Biologics products for moisture. I don't yet twist, but have seen post from other curlies who twist like them too. I like

    Honebush Hair Tea Gel
    Olive Detangling Conditioner
    Hydrating balm
    Heavy Cream (very heavy: a little goes a long way)
    You can get a sampler at the qhemet website

    Pure carrier oils are great for retaining moisture -- castor, jojoba, extra virgin olive, coconut -- plenty to choose from. I rub a little castor oil on my wet clean, conditioned ends pror to styling. It's stick but it will absorb completely with no greasiness when dry.
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    Thanks for your help, I think I will order the sampler this weekend.
    Ft. Worth, TX
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    Hi net4721, what helped when I was experience shedding was to use a garlic shampoo Nutrine unscented Garlic oil is suppose to stop shedding there was a post about it on, I couldn't find the thread but you can make garlic oil with fresh cloves and olive oil and do a hot oil treatment. I would recomend also starting to use a weekly protein treatment such as Aphogee intensive treatment that will help restore moisture back to your hair. R u using the Crown and glory method If so it teaches you how you wash ur braids or twist....u can dilute the aphogee in a spray bottle so that you can still do weekly treatments while in twist. HTH :)
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    Thanks for the info, I will try it this week.
    Ft. Worth, TX

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