Are you an "impossible" child?

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Talk of pregnancies made me remember something I previously wondered. I know someone else mentioned being born after her parents told she wouldn't happen. My mom was told at 18 she'd never be able to have children, so she was shocked the first time she got pregnant.

Does anyone else have a story where, according to doctors, you shouldn't exist?
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The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

But at least the pews never attend yoga!


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    I was a, um, surprise, or as my parents say, "a blessing". :D My brother was 5 months old and Mom was breastfeeding him and she got pregnant.

    It took Dad and Mom 7 years to get pregnant with my sister, then they immediately got pregnant with my second sister. It took another 5 years before they got pregnant again (the baby was a stillborn little boy. Long story. Lost my sister at the same time. :( ). Then it was another 3 years before they got pregnant with my brother, then boom, ME. :)

    So. I wasn't a miracle baby, but I certainly went against the odds. :D

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    My mom and I didn't discuss what specifically the problem was, but I know when she was younger she had debilitating cramps, and I think she had an IUD-back when they caused problems, so I'm guessing that was what happened. When she told my dad (at 18) that doctors said she couldn't have kids, he just shrugged it off and said they'd adopt. They got married at 25, and she got pregnant at 26 or 27 after taking some classes on when women were the most fertile, etc. I think within a month or two of starting to try. :shock: She had a miscarriage with the first baby, but then got pregnant with my brother, and had me just over 2 years later. Exactly spread how she wanted her two kids to be, even to the point of an older boy and younger daughter. Very odd how well things worked out after doctors told her she couldn't have babies, ever!
    The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

    But at least the pews never attend yoga!
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    Some people still claim I don't exist, but that's a different topic.

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    My mum was told that she would find it extremely difficult to get pregnant and might not be able to at all. She was also told that if she did manage to get pregnant, she might well have problems carrying the baby to term and would have to stay in bed for 9 months.

    Well, she decided to try anyway and became pregnant on her first try. Added to that, I was born ten days overdue and the doctors allowed that because they were so happy with how everything was going.
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    it wasn't that i shouldn't exist...
    but my parents were told that i would most likely have birth defects and mental retardation due to the heart medication my mom was taking...
    then i was blue from the cord around my neck...
    my dad named me christina because of the "christ" in the birth defects or mental retardation and i got through being blue
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    My mom and dad were told after 9 years and no babies that they wouldn't have any.
    They started the adoption process,then got pregnant.
    They had the three of us ,so I guess we are all miracles:)
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