Need help finding All Natural skin serum or gel......

oceanocean Registered Users Posts: 2
hi. Having lots of problems finding a really light-weight gel or serum that refines pores and that is All Natural.

I cannot tolerate BHAs or Willow bark, but AHA or glycolics are fine.

Cannot tolerate silicones or "cones" or any kind.

Also, my skin hates oils, so this serum or gel can not be heavy with oils. My skin especially hates and breaks out with jojoba oil and vit. e because it's too heavy. I don't know why jojoba makes me break out.

The serum can have a few oils in it if they are real lightweight, tea tree oil of course is ok, and I think lavender oil is ok in small amounts.

My main objective is to refine the pores. The gel I was using has BHA in it so I'm discontinuing it because of allergies.

I've looked at quite a few skincare lines, and found nothing that I really like. I've tried Aloette Time Restore serum and altho it is lightweight, it doesn't refine my pores enough.

I generally don't like toners, either. My skin is really difficult.

Sorry this is so long!


  • CGNYCCGNYC Registered Users Posts: 4,938 Curl Connoisseur
    Honestly, once you eliminate products based on your requirements above - I just don't think there's anything left.

    If you're trying to make your pores APPEAR smaller, I suggest you try Cliniques Pore Minimizing Concealor.
  • oceanocean Registered Users Posts: 2
    Thanks for the recommendation. I will look at the Clinique concealer.

    I think I may try a sample of the Aveda Tourmaline Radiance Fluid serum and the Topix Replenix Green Tea Serum, even though they won't be perfect, maybe I can tolerate them. The Aveda one seems pretty good from what I've read about it.

    I also found a site that sells Glycolic acid peels in different strenghts with just 3 ingredients that I can tolerate. I'm going to mix a little with some Aloe vera gel and dilute it real well so it doesn't sting my skin and see if it refines my pores. It should.

    The Clinique concealer sounds interesting : )
  • Lucky06Lucky06 Registered Users Posts: 31
    Perhaps take a look at the MD Forte line of skincare products. I'm currently using the Lotion I (10% glycolic acid) and its working great for me.
    2b/2c - lots of hair, very thick and wavy/curly

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