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Question- have any of you ladies ever had your hair cut so short that you could just brush and go? I want to get me hair cut uber-short in the next few days, but I'm concerned that my crew cut won't lay flat – that the hair will curl up no matter how short I go. I love my curls, but with the summer weather, I'm looking for something cooler and even more low maintenance. I would love to just brush my hair and run out of the door. If you're confused about what I mean, check out the pics in my fotki. I'm trying to go for one of the looks in my "haircut ideas" folder.
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  • PetiteMllemimiPetiteMllemimi Registered Users Posts: 95
    hi portae i think your hair can lye flat if cut really short, but just to make sure you might have to put a scarf on your hair to make sure it stays flat after you brush it.

    or your hair might lye flat with a heavy gel, or a pomade or even roller set foam which tends to stretch out curls.

    don't know if this is the answer you were looking for....
  • PortaePortae Registered Users Posts: 337
    That's EXACTLY what I was looking for! Thanks a ton! :D [/list][/code]
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  • PortaePortae Registered Users Posts: 337
    I am now officially baldheaded. :D I added some pics to my album.
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  • missmoniemissmonie Registered Users Posts: 920
    Love the haircut! Fits your face perfectly!
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    go Portae! you look great!
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    Great choice; looks even better than your tiny curly cut.
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    you go girl! you look great!
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  • JibbaJabbaJibbaJabba Registered Users Posts: 1
    Your hair looks awesome.
  • denisemouniedenisemounie Registered Users Posts: 255
    Hooray for short hair!!!! You look great! :P
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    looks good, what did you decide to use on it as a product?

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  • locken_rockenlocken_rocken Registered Users Posts: 5
    That reminds me why I have always been a fan of short hair!Which I had short hair again!
    The cut looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  • FleurztyFleurzty Registered Users Posts: 795
    Beautiful! it looks great on you.
  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    Great hair. I thought my hair was short... (See

    When I first got it cut about a month ago, I didn't have to comb it.
  • motherearthamothereartha Registered Users Posts: 355
    Your hair is fabulous. One of my good friends wears her hair like that...I wish I could. The cut looks great on those with nice round head shapes (which i wish i had - mine is huge and weirdly shaped;) ) and a beautiful face.
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    Thank you so much for all of the gracious compliments. As for the whole head shape thing, I had no idea what my head shape even was until I chopped everything off last week. I looked in the mirror and thought, "Hmm, so that's what my head looks like. Why is it pointy right there?!"
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