No poo since September~

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It is nice to find a home for my hair.
I am from St. Louis. I am 34 with 85% white hair that i color because i am just not ready for that change in my life. After finding Curly Girl, I have transformed my hair.
It still acts dry, but I tame it pretty well.
I found my hair loves Almond oil put on when my hair is dry and all I have to do is rinse. Nothing else. Now you KNOW i have dry hair. Anyway,I want it long again and it seems that as I have gotten older it has slowed down in growing. Such a bummer. I am hoping to get to bra stap length soon!
I am a 2c w/spirals underneath! 35 years old with 85% white hair. I am currently using DevaOne everyday with No Poo. I am using Smooth N Shine Gel Conditioner Extra-Hold on my course hair and it works awesome for 3 bucks. I found putting Color Magic into my hair color really covers the gray well. :blob7:


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    Welcome! We're glad to have you!

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!

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