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As much as I love the CG philosophy, I have so say it's a bit hypocritical. :?

For example, in the CG book, it says that shampoos should have water as the first ingredient and contain cocamidopropyl betaine or decyl polyglucose, disodium EDTA or citric acid. However, LowPoo's first ingredient is Achilea Millefolium and it doesn't contain any of the other ingredients.

Conditioner should contain emollients, proteins, humectants, and moisturizers. One Condition only has the emollient of olive oil and none of the other ingredients. Hmm...

Has anyone else noticed that? What do you think?
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    hmm... yes... there is a fair amount of cynicism about due to the fact the Devacurl keep releasing more products we HAVE to use and the simple CG routine becomes more and more complicated and expensive :?

    I think its a principle that you just have to make your own, the CG / Conditioner Only routine works wonders for some but then others love shampoo and cones!! I did a really simple CO routine for about a year where i JUST used conditioner, no gel, no styling products, no nothing and my hair benefited more than i could have imagined. Then i discovered this place and that there are too many wonderful products to try!! Having said that it helped me understand my hair so much better and i'm more able to make wise decisions concerning what to slap on my hair now. So whilst i agree in some respects that its hypocritical, i also think there is aome awesome advice in the curly girl book about treating you hair more gently, airdrying and not abusing sulfates!!

    Trouble is its hard to know whos right when someone somewhere is making a dollar or two (million)!
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    Supposedly, there is a revision to the CG book in works already. Lorraine Massey (as anyone else) has a right to change her opinions as she learns more about hair. She has commented on the discrepancies before, and attributes it to increased research and education on ingredients. But yes, the book does seem hyppocritical at this point.
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    I think many people here had the same thoughts when she came out with her own products. I've never used them because, frankly, Suave works well for me, so why would I pay so much more for her products?

    Granted, I've never read the book. I just got the basic message from this board about how to best make a routine work on CO washing (no cones, no waxes that might build up, or anything that could build up for that matter). I noticed a difference in the health of my hair and I think anything else she chooses to add to the routine is something I'm going to be taking with a grain of salt.
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    Yeah, I've never read the book either...and I just use Herbal Essences conditioner. But I don't think there's any reason you have to adhere COMPLETELY to CG, or entirely approve of its author, for it to work. I know I've changed some things.

    yeah, I hate it when it's just one great big long recommendataion for a product...it feels manipulative.
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    I don't use deva so It doesn't matter to me
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